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Broad-band OBSs (BBOBS)

by DANIEL Romuald, Wayne Crawford - 28 January

Triaxial broadband seismometer (Trillium T240) and differential pressure gauge. Designed for passive seismology experiments but can be used for active seismic surveys. They can be deployed for up to one year at a time.

Technical Specifications

Acquisition : L-CHEAPO

  • 24 bits
  • From 30 to 1000 samples per second
  • Seascan MCXO clock
  • Power consumption : 540 mW at 250 sps and 4 canaux
  • Lithium or NiMH Batteries
  • Depth rating: 5000 meters
  • Design: Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Sensors :

  • Motion: Trillium T240 in gimballed sphere
  • Pressure: Differential Pressure Gauge