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Use Requests

How to request the OBSs


Before you submit your proposal to the ship commission, or elsewhere, fill in the formula below (ha ha), so that we can write a statement about instrument availability and estimate the deployment fee. We will contact you if we need supplementary information.


Le deployment cost is a combination of direct costs (batteries, anchors, etc.), maintenance and an insurance which depends on the number of deployments/OBS and the total deployment length.

Add to this are the costs of shipping material to and from the ship’s port(s) and the travel costs of the technical team. Salaries and sea pay are not charged for French experiments.

You may also have to pay a ship usage fee.


If we do not have enough or the right type of OBSs for your needs, we will recommend other parks to you. We can help you to contact them if you need.

Formulaire de demande

Remplir ce formulaire pour savoir si nos OBS sont disponibles et adaptés, et pour avoir une estimation du cout de leur deploiement.

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