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Data and MetaData Formats

Details of the data and metadata formats delivered by the park.

Continuous Data

Continous data will be delivered in miniSEED format, organized using the SeisComp3 Data Structure (SDS: daily files, one file per component and station, see here). If you have a mix of BB-OBS and SP-OBS, we will provide both the original BB-OBS data and the same data filtered to resemble the SP-OBS data. The componant nomenclature will allow you to distinguish between the two. Channel names follow SEED 2.4 conventions for the first two letters and the IRIS OBS protocol for the horizontal channels.

We also can provide software to transform the miniSEED data into other standard seismologic data formats (for example, SAC or SEISAN).


The metadata (instrument positions, instrument responses) will be delivered in station XML format, with dateless SEED optional.

Fichiers SEGY

Si c’est une experience de sismique rapide, nous vous livrons aussi les donnees par tir, sous format SEGY

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SEGY files

If your experiment includes active seismics, we will also deliver the data in SEG-Y format.

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Channel naming conventions

3-character codes for OBS channels

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