Parc Sismométre Fond de Mer INSU/IPGP

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The park’s OBSs are currently deployed for

  • MOMARSAT: 4 SPOBS for 1 year starting July 2018,

The OBSs are scheduled to be deployed for the following projects:

  • MOMARSAT2018: 4 SPOBS for 1 year starting July 2019,
  • MAYOTTE: 6 SPOBS for 6 months to survey a seismic crisis
  • RAINBOW: 7 BBOBS for 1 month in the summer of 2020 or 2021
  • ANTARCTICA: 2 SPOBS for 1 month et 1 SPOBS for 1 year starting in summer 2019 (the time between sending and returning may be much longer because of complicated transports)

The OBSs have been requested for the following projects:

  • None

We have had expressions of interest for the following potential projects:

  • IRAN: X SPOBS for 1 year starting at the end of 2019

Below is an image of the OBS park calendar: